Posted by: oceannah | March 19, 2012

Law of Averages Finale





The average weight loss was 1.15# for the week.  Not shabby.  It helped to log it knowing I was merely collecting data for a final average tally.  For some weird reason, that squashed the mania of the ups and downs that are inevitable.   For instance,  Friday was my lowest day 152.8# and the following morning I weighed 153.8#  now I’m certain I did not consume the 3500 extra calories required to actually gain a pound, but the number was there.  This average little project helped put all the numbers in perspective.

SO very much doing on the homestead.  Yesterday we tilled, planted peas, cleaned and mulched the beds near the house…  Today is another planting day.  Rain scheduled for later.  Hope to put in a salad mix, beets, spinach, frisee, and such.  Spring is always a frenetic time here, but in a great way!




  1. Averaging was definitely a fab idea for you this week! What a great way to keep positive. Hope all the work on the homestead goes well. xoxo

    • The weather is just beautiful here Sonia, the work is a pleasure to do at this early point in time. xo

  2. That is a fantastic idea and I LOVE your cartoons 🙂 Keep up the positive attitude and the weight will continue coming off!

    • Thanks Sandi. It turns out the OCD thing w/ the scale was ratcheted down a few notches by doing an average weekly loss. I’m reading a lot right now on programming the subconscious mind for success. Positive thinking is at the top of the list. Surrounding oneself w/ other positive people is right up there too! Thanks for being in my sphere of positive people.

      • In with the positive people and out with the toxic ones. A few years ago I cleaned house of friends… and one of those was my best friend of 35 years. Hard to walk away, but ultimately improved my life 10 fold! I surround myself with ONLY positive people now xoxo
        I’d love to know more about the reading you are doing on programming the subconscious mind for success.

      • Indeed! I too lost some ‘friends’ that needed losing.

        I’d read Psyco Cybernetics by Dr. Maltz in my early 20’s as well as Jose Silva’s The Silva Method of Mental Dynamics. I’m revisiting both books since my goal is actually more about body re-composition than just weight loss. I’m also always trying to tweak/push myself to be a better person. I also did a bunch of classes years and years ago on Native American philosophy and we did amazing work w/ mental training. The teacher cited a Russian study in which world class athletes for the 1980 Olympics trained physically and to differing degrees mentally…ie: powerfully envisioning the training, every detail. The outcome was that the group that trained physically 25% of the time, and mentally 75% of the time had the best performance! In no small coincidence (I don’t believe in those, I believe in Spirit) the ebook I dowloaded the other night cites Dr. Maltz and the Russian study!! Another series I’ve been re-reading of late is the Baird T Spaulding “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East” Supposedly an actual accounting of his experiences. Some really wild stuff in there too regarding the power of the mind. That should keep you busy for a spell 🙂

  3. That’s great that you lost in the end! Maybe I should do an average too.

    • Shannon, It couldn’t hurt to do it. After all, you still collect weigh ins daily, they just (for me at least) end up having less of an impact on my whole day since the week end average is the number that will count. My experience with this diet has been that I DO lose weight. Since I began, I have lost 6#s +/- tenths… When looking at a longer time frame ie: 1 week, the loss is more evident. Good luck. You’re way ahead of me in the number department, should be a breeze 🙂

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