Posted by: oceannah | March 16, 2012

Eggsactly Right

No wonder the Easter egg hunt is still such a popular event.  No matter how many times I do this chore I still find it utterly magical.  Collecting eggs and digging potatoes somehow never loses the magical surprising quality of finding food for me.   I guess the hunter/gatherer part of my brain is still pretty much hardwired!

Our hens are responding to the added daylight with an increase in egg production.  One of our young hens appears to be going broody, which we will discourage.  I have one broody hen, Henny Penny.  She is our mama-in-chief and hatches out then raises a few broods each year.  Can’t have too many setting hens, since they don’t lay while setting.

So I’m having scrambled eggs with green onion this morning.  I like to sprinkle on some cayenne pepper for a kick too.  This is what I call my Blue Plate Special…the plate was made by my daughter last year.

Speaking of my girl, tonight is opening night.  Last night’s dress/tech went ok….not great.  It’s been fun doing the costumes and being part of the show, but damn, I’m tired.

Grease 2012 "Jan" and "Roger" singing Mooning

I’m not posting a weight today (although, 🙂 )…stay tuned.  OK still one more costume to touch up, and it’s a lifting day, whopeee!  I love m-w-f lifts, I think that having been off my schedule for two weeks b/c of my wrist hampered my losses.  Muscle requires more calories to maintain than fat.  Developing a routine with weights has been a major positive influence on my weight loss.

Break a leg kids.



  1. I’d love to be back on my property raising hens and gathering chickens… maybe later this year 🙂
    I signed up for the gym last week… been twice, like running more, lol… but I do need to firm up the bits, that’s for sure 🙂
    I hope your daughter has a fabulous time in her play!

  2. Hurray for the gym sign up Sandi. I find lifting weights has really helped tighten up the 40+ wiggles & jiggles. One of the things you should do at the gym is make sure you get a good trainer to show you how each piece of equipment works. Then you can do it on your own….unless you already know how to operate them. Opening night was a smash success.

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