Posted by: oceannah | March 15, 2012

Up Hill Both Ways

Day 2 of hell week.  It was pretty hellish too!  One boy got in-school- suspension and cut it to rehearse.  Big mistake.  The principal was not laughing.  Much tension. Tomorrow will reveal if he is in or out of the show.  I’m so glad I went into it with a good relaxed head.

Today’s cardio was a 3 mile run & walk.  They say if you want a different output then you need a different input.  So instead of taking my ‘usual’ run, I changed it up…and up…  I knew the route and I knew it had more hills than usual.  I thought the challenge would be good for me.

About half way through the road drops down to the creek pretty steeply and then rises again on the other side of the creek for a longer less steep hill.  This is great and really amps up the leg use.   I have never run this route, only walked it.  I was flying though and the weather was stellar.  Just a crisp clear spring day.  I felt like I could go on  forever.  Even my nagging back injury was not present today.  So down the hill I went.

About halfway down the hill I looked up to see this…

About 200 yards past the crest of this hill is my 1.5 mile turnaround.  Up the hill I run.  Oh crap I can’t believe how my legs feel.  I only ended up making it about half way up the hill then I walked to the end.  Ahh, challenged I was!  I walked and ran through the next mile home and cooled off for the final .5 mile.  It felt great and I was rewarded in the middle with the peaceful sounds of this little creek.

Also, I must confess I cheated today.  I was supposed to not lift until tomorrow, 2 weeks out from injuring my wrist.  But you see, I don’t lift on Thursdays.  So I did my regular routine without the much offending and injury provoking bicep curls.  All’s well and it feels super great to be back in the saddle.

Another splendid thing occurred while out and about.  The coltsfoot is up!  Hurray!  I love this little plant (Tussilago farfara).  If you’ve ever taken Robitussin, you can thank the little  sunny coltsfoot.   Much of our modern pharmacopoeia has its root (pun intended) in the plant kingdom!  It also goes by other names but one of my favorites is ‘son before father’ since the flower arrives before the foliage.  Lots of people think this is a dandelion, but they don’t come up this early and they always have foliage first.  Coltsfoot has been used historically for cough suppression.  It’s a really charming little plant.

I ended up making a dinner to bring to the rehearsal for us to eat.  I cooked up some sausages with onion peppers and kale, one of my all time favorite greens.  I think Dukan doesn’t wholly approve of sausage.  However, we buy our meat from Kingbird Farm and they do an amazing job of raising pastured organic meat.  When the sausage was cooked, there was less than 1 tbs of fat in the pan.  So even though it is sausage, it has extremely little fat.  Partly because pasture raised pork is leaner to begin with and also because the butcher decides how much fat to add.  Most add a lot since it’s cheaper than the meat.

Recipe: Sausage and Greens

2# Italian sausage, 2 green peppers, 2 red peppers, 1 large onion, 1 head of garlic

Put sausage in pan and bake at 375 degrees F for about 40-45 minutes.  In a separate pan saute peppers and onion.  When the sausage is cooked through remove to cutting board and slice.  Drain any fat/juices and put 1 t olive oil in pan on heat.  Add garlic until fragrant, put rinsed kale in pan, close lid and let simmer a few minutes.  Put it all back in the pan and stir to combine.  Allow flavors to blend off heat for 2-3 minutes.  CHOW!  It was scrumptious.

So that’s the day folks.  Have a good rest all.





  1. Hey – hills are a killer!!! I tackle hills with the following in my mind “slow and steady” and I say it in my head as I “dig deep” and challenge myself to keep going. I try to keep my breathing controlled, as soon as you lose your breathe and can’t breathe it is pretty tough to keep running so my mantra for hills “slow and steady”. I might lose a little pace, but I keep going.

    Walking is totally legal! If you are out running, there is no rule you can’t walk to catch your breathe before carrying on. While you might need walk breaks here and there now, keep going out and doing it. With time you will see improvement in 6 months you probably will look back and smile at all those places you had to walk but you won’t see progress if you don’t keep trying.

    • Mel, I’m just figuring out the reply button here…posted replies in the comments below as my reply. Sheesh, so much learning w/ a new blog. I appreciate your input w/ the running. I challenged myself the other day to 1.5 nonstop, but fell short. I just couldn’t keep the legs going.

  2. Your running route looks beautiful. As does dinner!

    • Shannon, thanks, today I learned where the reply button is…duh. So as to reply to the post, not just add to the comments as I’ve been doing. :-O

  3. Love the pictures of your running route!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Moonday, by now you probably realized that I found the reply button on my blog 🙂 Silly me. Glad you like the run route…next time I post pictures of that run will be the day I run it nonstop.

  4. Thanks gals, glad you like the route…it was killer. I hope to soon run the whole thing without walking. Little goals chipped away at daily. I think I have to work on the pace uphill WWA. I kind of knew I was going in too fast, but I felt so good. Next time I’ll kick down a notch at the creek. Thanks for the input.
    I had to go back out in the car and snap the pix…I don’t run w/ a camera 🙂 But I did have the pup.

  5. The running route is gorgeous! And oh how I wish I could get organic sausage 😦 maybe when home in June!

    • Reply button figured out 🙂 xo

      • Yay! 😀

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