Posted by: oceannah | March 14, 2012

On seeing what’s to come…

I’ll join you in thinking it doesn’t look like much.  Buddha sitting just beyond the raspberries.  However, the canes are starting to show some color and soon enough they will be loaded with the most amazing black raspberries!  We have a more ‘managed’ row of red raspberries, but this scraggly rabbit warren sprung up spontaneously near a pile of stone.  We decided to see what happened with it & if/what it would bear.  SO glad we did.  Years later, it requires the LEAST amount of work of any berries here.  In fact, the only work is the picking 🙂  Thanks for the gift Mother Earth.

The world is really greening up out there.  Still very much mud season though, can’t really work in the garden per say.  Just being outside without a jacket though is gift enough.

I’ve got a real spring in my step today 😉  Hope your day brings you joy.



  1. What a gorgeous, peaceful photo!

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