Posted by: oceannah | March 13, 2012

Part1 scene 2 and some lovely spring flowers

Ahhh, the morning ritual.  What’s yours?

This would have been posted this morning, except my satellite server was down all dang day.  Day 2 of law-of-averages and doing well.

Hell week is in full swing, but the cast and crew look really great and it should be an awesome show!

Today was PP

B- ff yogurt, chicken breast, Coffee!  L- turkey and onion  S- scrambled eggs  D- ricotta w/ ground meat garlic and onion

Exercise: 1 mile run with .5m warm up and .5m cool down

Water:  5qts over the day plus two teas (bengal spice YUM)

On a very nice note, the weather here has been terrific.  These little beauties popped right out of the ground to celebrate with me!  Are they they sweetest or what?  I hope your day was terrific also.  Heading off for a nice long sleep….two more days of hell week, then the opening night!  Whew.




  1. Loving your cartoons and YAY on the happy scales!!! Persistence pays off!
    What do you do with the ricotta? Mash it up with your ground beef? Sounds yummy!

  2. Thanks Sandi, you’d think I have nothing better to do all day 😉
    I saute onion & garlic then add the beef. Keep the heat on until beef is nicely browned. Season with Italian spices, plate it, add a dollop of ricotta cheese, viola.

  3. Glad your scales are being kind! Love the cartoon…..Are they crocuses? They are beautiful things, bring on the spring/summer! xo

  4. Crocuses, yes Sonia. Looking forward to the tulips too 🙂

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