Posted by: oceannah | March 11, 2012

The Law of Averages

At the close of week 3 of the Dukan Diet, here’s the weekly wrap up:

Scale = Invitation to OCD convention

Protein = Seriously couldn’t think of more meat a few days this week

Exercise = Love running again, miss lifting weights

New = I found out using onion/garlic is ok on PP days too

Reminder = colon meridian lines help to keep things moving [see protein, above]

My intention for the 4th week of Dukaning is to become a student of the law of averages.  I had a well intentioned meditation regarding putting my scale in the barn.  But after further mulling the idea, which, I must say I don’t much like, I decided instead to become Jane Average this week.  This means I’ll still weigh in daily, but with the sole purpose of collecting an average at week’s end [hey, I saw that smirk, really I think I can, I think I can]. This is my attempt to bring a bit more serene calm to morning weigh in.  My scale, poor wretched thing is threatening binding arbitration unless there is some change.  This will be a challenge on several levels for me; the least of which because I am basically unsuited to the whole math thing.

Along with that lovely intention above, I’m grateful to the Dukan Dietress for pointing out that meals on Dukan don’t have to be boring.  And seeing some of the amazing food that Sandi cooks up on a regular basis has likewise been very helpful.  I hung up my ‘professional’ toque eight years ago ‘tis true, but I haven’t been eating/serving boring food all that time.   I don’t have to eat boring food simply because the only thing on my plate is protein.  I guess I just fell into a rut of muddling through with yet another boneless-skinless-tasteless-chicken breast.  Having the added bonus of learning that onion and garlic are allowed on pp days will be a huge help.  This little intention alone will be a spectacular challenge as it’s also ‘hell-week.’  Or in drama speak, the week before the opening night.  My daughter is in a local production of Grease, and I’ve been helping with costumes.  The whole craziness of having my wrist in a sling only added to the d-r-a-m-a.  I’ll tell you more about the twinkie episode tomorrow…it was a riot.  So cooking inventive meals will keep me on my toes this week.  Hey, I love a challenge.

I hope everyone is having a lover-ly weekend.  Spring is pushing through and the air smells Southerly warmish.  Wish me luck with on week 4!




  1. Good luck on Week 4! I love the OCD and scales comment… yeah, this program will do that to you, but it will keep you in check!!!

  2. I keep forgetting that you can have onion on PP days too! Im still weighing myself every morning, the scales were not kind to me today lol

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