Posted by: oceannah | March 9, 2012

Weasel says listen in

Whenever I go out with a specific goal in mind like say, watching eagles, I usually end up with a totally different experience.  Yesterday was no different.  I ended up going out to the site, but had less time than expected to wait/watch.  They are there; they just were not home/visible.  I had to leave before viewing.

On the way home, after a brief meditation with another woman (in which it was revealed to me, loudly…that I need to quit obsessing about the scale, and in fact should have my husband hide the damn thing in the barn…haven’t done so yet) but I digress… Meditation over and on the way home, a long tailed weasel crosses my path only a few feet in front of me.  I’ve lived in this location for almost 10 years.  I’ve never seen a weasel, although I know they live here.  When I’m gifted with a visit from the animal spirits, I usually sit up and take notice.  So what is weasel medicine about?

Weasel has tons of energy and is wicked smart.  Weasel can be a difficult totem animal to work with, but offers many gifts. Weasel ears hear what is truly being said, and Weasel eyes see beyond what is apparent…a rare gift.  Look to Weasel power to speak to the hidden reasons behind anything.  Weasel helps to develop inner hearing so listening to your inner voice becomes easier & more clear.  Conversely, weasel has a negative aspect ie: weaseling out…a weasel in the hen house.   (adapted from medicine cards Jamie Sams & David Carson)

The take home message became very clear:  Look beneath the surface of all this baloney about the scales/numbers…coupled w/ the meditation, yeah, I think that’s spot on.  Also, a cautionary tale to not weasel out on myself.   Thank you little weasel for the beautiful visit and the gentle reminder to trust my inner knowing.

So the scale remains in the house.  But I really must use caution around that thing.  OCD scale issues surfacing perhaps 🙂  I am not a number.  Weasel is a good teacher and I’ll remind myself of the inward listening when stepping on the scale by taping a picture of weasel on the scale.

Also, for anyone else Dukaning and feeling the intestinal struggle of pure protein, I had a recollection while lying in bed before falling asleep.  My friend, an LMT, uses the colon meridian to get things moving.  So on the left hand from the pointer finger tip stroking up the inner section of the arm, following through the neck and up to the base of the left side of the nose…palpate lightly the nose base.  Repeat several times.  I did about 10 -12 passes, and no joke, heard my innards rumbling.  I love holistic ways of solving problems, especially when they work!

I ended up reading some more about calorie amounts/requirements etc.  I should be consuming around 1500 calories/day.  Yesterday, using calorie calculator and protein/veggies, I hit 1584 calories.  Today, when I woke up for the weigh in, I’m down 1.8# for a new low of 154.2  how crazy is that?  I love that I did not think of weaseling out on myself and chucking in the dukan towel.  I did think about eating some brown rice for roughage, but it remained merely a thought and it passed quickly.  For me, having the end goal of May 3rd in mind is a tremendous help.  Pretty much anything can be tolerated if it is finite.  I also bow in love and gratitude to fellow dukan bloggers who share so generously their support, wisdom, humor and love.

Out to meet a friend for coffee and a stroll…have a great day y’all.



  1. Great post! I love when animal spirits visit you. And well done on the WHOOSH!
    In regard to the intestinal stuff… great advise with the meridian exercise… I have found that as I’ve progressed on Dukan, it hasn’t been an issue. Perhaps my body is used to it now, or I have found the right balance of bran, water and food. 🙂

  2. I do think the body adapts to eating patterns/behaviors as we persist in them. I just found out I can eat onion on PP days also, how cool. xo

  3. Congrats on the loss Anna, fantastic! Well done for persevering with it all! I will definitely give the colon meridian thing a try. I agree with Sandi, Im loving your posts, you’re a great writer. xoxo

    • Thanks Sonia…I did it with your help:)

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