Posted by: oceannah | March 8, 2012


Today’s weight 156#  that’s another bounce up of +.6# Seriously??

Yesterday’s food:  B- oatbran pancake, coffee  L- ham D- shrimp S- FF yogurt

This menu brings my daily calorie total to less than 1,000.  Not good.  I did some surfing last night regarding starvation mode and found this site:  There is a lot of data to support that dropping below 1,000 calories/day is not healthy or conducive to weight loss…particularly fat loss which is what I am specifically after.  It get’s trickier still if you subtract my approximately 400 calorie burn from a 3.5 mile hike in the mountains with one mile of running as part of the total mileage.  This plummets the daily caloric input to < 800.  So, what to do?  I’m aware that a few more mouse clicks would yield information to support/debunk pretty much any theory/hypothesis I lay at the feet of our modern day Phythia–the Oracle of Google, so I guess I’m just tired of trying to work out the why of it all…

I am many things today…I am utterly frustrated.  I am thrilled to see others losing weight successfully on Dukan.  I’m wondering if this eating plan will end up on the trash heap of the multitude of other plans I’ve tried (?) I’m pissed that my body stubbornly clings to this weight.  I want to see some results ferchrissake!

Is it possible that the absence of weight lifting in my week has had this negative affect?  I just don’t know.  I have a Dr. appointment in two  weeks and I’m hoping I can hang in there until then.  I’ll have a blood draw to check fasting glucose, cholesterol, cbc…  The cholesterol was up last time, and it’ll be interesting to see what result/change the absence of carbs is having on that number.  I suspect, at the very least for the triglycerides to drop since they are most affected by carb/grain intake.

I appreciate the support of the Dukan blog world.  It’s really great and I send special thanks to Sandi and Sonia.  Someday I’ll figure out how to do that cool thing where you can click on their names and go to their blog…I just don’t have the mojo today to try figuring anything out.

Today thus far I’ve had shot of protein powder Terras Whey (65 cal/2.5 g carb) not street legal but I truly am unable to chew up another friggin piece of meat just yet.

Here’s my Duakn Pro/Con list as of today.

ProLess bloated feeling

Meeting folks ‘round the globe


Feel pretty good, no cravings

Sleeping ok, although I always do, so not quite a diet based pro

More time to sit around blogging since I don’t cook complex interesting meals

ConMarginal weight loss compared to others


Possible starvation mode/metabolism wrecking, uncertain

Boring menu

Lack of vegetables/fiber, see constipation

More time to sit around blogging since I don’t cook complex interesting meals

So that’s what today looks like from the homestead.  Not very interesting I’ll grant that.  Some days are just like that.  Heading out today to go see if the Eagles are nesting yet…I think they are.  There’s a beautiful mated pair of eagles that raise their young nearby.  Thanks Rachel Carson.

It’s about 20 degrees F warmer than yesterday, spring is definitely on the way.

I hope everyone’s having a good one!


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  1. Hey Anna… it may be that you aren’t eating enough! I know that sounds crazy, but I think that might be what it is.
    Chin up… you’re doing awesome, and you’re restricted by your bum wrist!
    Have a good hike xoxo

  2. Trust me, we all know how you feel!!! Its so frustrating, dont over analyse! You’ll drive yourself mad!!!
    You really have just got water retention due to constipation and that big run! You are definitely not eating enough based on your above description, I eat B, L, D and small snacks, helps to keep your metabolism ticking over, drink regularly too, especially whilst eating. Snacks I love, sugar free jelly, f/f fruit yoghurt, boiled eggs, fishsticks / crabsticks, sliced meat, pickled onions (can even have onion on PP day as long as not huge portion).
    Have you seen this website – – they have got some fab recipes! Please try the rhubarb, within 2/3 days things should be back to normal. Hope the eagles were they, how fantastic to have such birds so close by! Keep your chin up xoxo

  3. Thanks gals, you really are super sweet. I can’t believe my body can adapt to typing, pretty well, with one hand in a week, yet can’t learn the weight loss thing in 3. Communing w/ eagles will be nice, hopefully I’ll have a picture or two to post. Bless you both. If it weren’t for the dukan blog community thing, I would have already chucked the whole thing, so thanks again & again. I’d like to follow the purple goddess too, love her mofo-mojo…everytime I try it just says invalid key when I put in or even try by clicking through her old blogspot. So many issues, so little time :/ ahhh….la vida.

  4. Your last pros and cons made me laugh a little! I had a whole week where I’d put on a few pounds and didn’t lose til a week later. Keep going, try some oat bran bread and drink loads of water!

  5. Thanks Shannon, weight loss is certainly non-linear 🙂 I suppose it all works out in the end. I’m keepin’ on the journey.

  6. Hi dear, I just found your blog, reading through your posts, very interesting!

    I have lost 110 lbs on Dukan and I can tell you it really isn’t about your caloric intake. I bet if I calculated the amount of calories I ate a day I would be blown away… maybe over 2000, really, and I have only just started doing exercise.

    I agree with flamidwyfe, it coule be that you are not eating enough. Stop counting calories and eat!

    Also, cooking complex meals can be done on the Dukan Diet 😛 Use your imagination. I make a killer spaghetti squash that takes me 4 hours including vegetable prep and clean up. Pretty complex sounding to me.

    Good luck and hang in there!

  7. Thanks Dukan Dietress….nothing like the voice of experience ringing in my ears:) I believe the issue was not enough food as you and Sandi said. 110# loss is a phenomenal accomplishment 🙂 You look FA-BOO! Loved the tale of your shopping journey in FL also. Wish I could comment on your blog 😦 Thanks for your helpful feedback, much appreciated.

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