Posted by: oceannah | March 6, 2012

Oh, that sound…me, screaming

Edvard Munch The Scream, 1893 Tempera & pastel on board 91X73cm

No, I’m not a big fan of Munch’s work, and if Christie’s can get $8 million for such a painting good on ’em.  But it certainly DOES convey my feelings this morning.

Today’s weight 155.4#  change + .4#   hence the screaming!  Honestly yesterday was textbook per-fect-O.  Yet I get .4#  gain??  GRRR.  I even ran a mile + warm up/cool down.

59 Days til Consolidation and the rate I’m losing at I won’t make goal.  HELP!  I kicked my scale…it’s true, I did it…the wretched thing scurried under the tub…  Frustration squared here and wondering what to do?  Today is a PV day and I love veggie days.  I was so thrilled with the initial ATTACK phase, but truthfully I haven’t lost since then.  Up/down/up, no credible loss since entering cruise.  Suggestions welcome.


I’m working on finding something positive in my day, and here it is…the freshest eggs around.  My breakfast eggs travel from the barn to the table in about 3 minutes…now there’s a 3 minute egg I love!  The hens are generous this time of year, as we gain daylight every day.

Ash splint basket with handle, 2008




  1. I’d recommend doing 3 PP days in a row and see what happens. Also, on PV days, I only have veggies with my dinner and then only a handful… I eat out of a bowl the size of my fist (that’s the size your stomach is suppose to be) and I’d rather fill it with yummy meat than veggies, so my veggies are usually half an onion and either asparagus, spinach, garlic stems or broccoli.
    It’ll happen… you’re doing everything right xoxo

  2. If you do everything right, the loss WILL happen. It always does. One morning you’ll step on the scale and nmot believe how so much weight could have left overnight.

  3. Sandi, I am doing 3 PP days per suggestion. I just couldn’t think of giving up the remainder of my PV day yesterday. 3days of pp will further complicate the plumbing I fear 😦 Thanks for the encouragement Moonday, I look forward to the [as yet] fabled woosh… I’m wondering if either of you have concerns about not taking in ENOUGH calories. Surely you’ve heard of starvation mode. When I review my calories for the day I’m only in the 1000 or less space. The goal weight of 138 (Dukan) for May 2012 was said to be too aggressive by this website and reconfigured my goal day to may 17. I sure don’t want to screw up my metabolism any further than what’s already been done w/ years of fiddling about…

    • Anna, dont stress out too much about it. I know its easier said than done, but anxiety/stress will not help. Having a date in mind is great as it helps you to focus but it can also have a negative affect if things arent going as well as you would like. Remember weight loss is not a definite science, everyone is different, only use the date as a vague guide.
      It sounds like you’ve got water retention, the PP days should sort it out. On P&V days, veg should make up 1/3 of your plate, protein 2/3rd’s.
      Plumbing wise, have you tried rhubarb? you are allowed it on PP (100g) and P&V (unlimited) days, i eat mine with fat free yoghurt.
      Calories – maybe you aren’t eating enough, I find if I dont eat enough my weight loss slows right down, I up what I eat for a week and my body seems to relax and let go of more weight. Try upping your intake and see if it makes a difference.
      Hope this helps, keep smiling xoxo

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