Posted by: oceannah | March 5, 2012

Give me crayons, I’ll make you art…Give me math, I’ll make you laugh

First day of Week 3 on Dukan diet

Today’s weight  155.0#  weight change -.2#

Today is a PP day

I am 5foot 4inches tall…Believe it or not, I’m the TALL one in my family.

I had an absurdly long sleep last night 9.5 hours…I’m a bit groggy still, but must have needed it.

Not such a math girl, me, but I think I need to re-calibrate some numbers.  I was so psyched to put a “I’ve lost 50#’s title on this post.”  But even I can do the math on 155+50=205.  SNAP.  I miscalculated.

My heaviest weight was 198.6# (yup).  Today I am 155.0# My total losses to date are a respectable 43.6# it’s those dang point somethings that always hang me up.  According to Dukan, my true weight is 138#.  I like that number.  However, I’m not sure about the whole consolidation phase equation of 5 days/# lost….since I started Dukan in the 150’s hmmm.  Does anyone have any input on that one?  I have a few months to parse it.

I started the Dukan diet 2 weeks ago to (hopefully) get off the plateau that I had been bouncing around on for the past 6 months since our trip to Cape Cod…in July!!  So six months of doing the 156-159 shuffle finally wore me down.

Some might say the numbers aren’t that important, and it is true, they fluctuate –maddeningly sometimes– even when doing all the “right” stuff.  For me keeping myself in the truth-out zone, is healthy.  I cannot serve my highest self anything growth oriented on a platter of self deception.

So that’s it.  Truth Out.  Stay tuned because I will –eventually– post that 50# title.




  1. Well done! I would do the consolidation phase from the 155 mark and go from there. If you need to back up, you always can! xo

  2. Whew…I’m glad to hear that. You are SUPER Sandi…

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