Posted by: oceannah | March 5, 2012

Drug of choice in mug of choice

If I had to be on a diet that did not include coffee, I really think I would say, nahhh.  I love every part of the ritual of making coffee.  From grinding the beans to the last sip.  I do drink other things, like water…lots these days…tea and seltzer, but coffee reigns supreme!

I love the glaze on this mug…it’s antique jade, from Laguna on the inside/handle/top with a red iron oxide/manganese/gerstley borate wash on the bottom.  Clay body Laguna 75  Hand-built, fired to cone 6 in 2009.



  1. LOVE the mug! And I couldn’t diet without coffee, either.

  2. Thanks Sandi.

  3. 🙂

    • You know I loves me some COFFEE Love the memories from our studio days too xoxoxo

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