Posted by: oceannah | March 5, 2012

Running Again Feels Great

WOO and HOO 

Even though I spent a lot of time at the computer figuring out how to get the camera and the computer talking, then adding pictures here (check out lots of new pictures from the homestead on my about page) I did do some work.

Since I can’t lift weights, which is what I usually do M-W-F I decided to challenge myself to running.  Thanks Sandi 🙂 for the inspiration. I had met a goal to run a mile non-stop in September, then sprained my ankle hiking a few weeks later.  Way led on to way, and by the time I could run again, it was cold out.  So I went back to HIIT/Sprint 8 on the treadmill.  Now here I am with my wrist out of commission.

I set out mid day, it was a lovely sunny, if cold day.  I dressed light in order to encourage myself to keep running for warmth.  Sneaky right?   I warmed up for .5 mile then RAN the full MILE and cooled down for .5 mile.  It felt great to be able to just do it.

I was a bit surprised at my ability.  It’s a PP day and I thought I might feel drained, but it never happened.  I think I’ll put running back in my workout rotation.

The wrist is making steady progress.  Still can’t rotate, but swelling decreased and pain pretty much zero…unless I try to rotate the wrist.

Food today:  B- 2 eggs & coffee, L- 6 jumbo shrimp, S- yogurt w/ stevia & almond extract D- ground beef w ff ricotta cheese (not truly legal I think), S- 2T oatbran porridge w/ milk & cinnamon Water: 3 quarts with Lemon essential oil

Tomorrow is PV…how I love my veg days.

So I stink at the number thing, but the day consolidation begins is May 3rd.  I believe it is 60 days from today.



  1. Glad you had a good run… and glad the wrist is feeling better! Your food sounds great… yummmm ricotta… LOL

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    Tips for running: Go out with your goal in mind (1 mile) and try to find a rhythm that you can breath comfortably. If you need to stop and walk, stop and walk for 20 seconds and then resume running. It is not about speed, it is about being able to run and breath in the early days. Gradually you will find you need fewer walk breaks and you can run a bit longer. Build up to longer distances. Run every other day in the beginning. The more you go out and do it the easier it becomes. Try to enjoy it. Remember it is not a race, don’t worry about speed and the hardest part is starting.

    Some ladies who have started running used an app on their iPhone/ipod called C25K it stands for couch to 5km. It tells you when to walk and when to run and builds you up gradually – might be something to look into.

    Enjoy your running 😉


    • Thanks Mel. I appreciate the input. I don’t have a cell phone but I really like the idea of watching my breath. I used to run 3 miles while pushing the baby cart…would love to get back to 3m. I appreciate your inspiration.

  3. Fantastic! Great that you still felt good even on a PP day…. Glad your wrist is feeling better, hope your loss goes well this week xo

    • Me to on both count Sonia…although I’m off to a lousy start today… up .4 GRRR. Have a great day with you little girl! They grow up so dang fast, suck up every second 🙂

  4. Anna, I was looking into the whole commenting issue and i found this –

    “””I’m with Blogger, but my WordPress followers were having the same problem and some of them aren’t google users. The only way I could allow them to comment was to take off word verification. Unless the blogs you want to comment on allow comments from anyone, in which case you could choose anonymous and leave your details in your comment, I think you will have to use your Google account until the bug is fixed.”””

    I have removed word verification and my account allows comments from anyone including anonymous users.

    Maybe see if this changes anything! xo

  5. Snap…I don’t have a google account. I’m going to try now and see….

  6. I think it worked…

    • It worked!!!! xo

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