Posted by: oceannah | March 4, 2012

Moving toward the magic

Pretty much says it all…  As I see it, expanding my comfort zone by trying new ways of thinking/being eventually has ‘my comfort zone’ and  ‘where the magic happens’ bubbles meshing into one nice big bubble of magical comfort zone!  …and who doesn’t like a little magic?

from Ozark Folkways,



  1. Sorry to read about your wrist! Hope it gets better soon!
    Great saying, none of us like change, but its only by changing that we can become better.
    Congrats on sticking with the diet (avoiding the toast!) LOL. You are doing great!!!!! I love how you are counting down until consolidation.

    • Thanks Sonia. I’m still learning about blogging and I did visit your blog and made a comment but I’m not sure it worked….had similar experience with another blog comment I tried to make. Both times it was not w/in wordpress. Maybe I have to do something to make comments on other blogs? Still at the same weight, but hopefully week 3 will move some more off.
      Best to You!

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