Posted by: oceannah | March 2, 2012

toast, the gateway drug


up .2#, but that’s not the waaahhh

PV day…hurray

Another good thing about rural living is when you go to the ER at 1:30 am, there’s usually no long wait. In fact my husband and
I were the only patients there.   Here’s the tale:

Woke up yesterday and had an uneventful morning.  Checked mail and blog and had to be very brief b/c my wrist was suddenly sore…weird. The day rolled on and we did various things…as the day progressed it got worse.  At bedtime my wrist looked swollen and hurt like crazy.  I’d been putting peppermint oil on it, taking arnica, and just resting since after lunch….took some turmeric to ease swelling, added topricin a topical homeopathic analgesic. Was awakened at 1:30 in REAL pain, swelling worse etc.  Thus trip to ER to R/O a break.  Home by 3am!!  Not broken but the tendons around the end of the radius are badly sprained, and it is immobilized and in a sling.

I’m typing w/ 1 hand and feeling sorry for myself, hence the big waaahhh.

I’m determined to stay on Dukan, even though the ‘little me’ wants toast & tea 😦

Up .2#  probably b/c I did not walk yesterday (?)

What gives??  Well my hypothesis is that while working out Wed I pulled something during bicep curls w/ 10# weights -or- I was typing too much, but that seems unlikely.

Message from the Universe:  REST, be kind to self, read a book

Challenge from the Universe: NOT falling into old pattern of suffocating unpleasant feelings with toast…the gateway drug, no joke.




  1. You are a girl after my own heart! We’re like twins!! Using aromatherapy and homeopathics… woo hoo 🙂 I’m so sorry that your wrist is sprained! Does the Topricin have arnica in it? If not, I recommend Traumeel. Man it has helped my crappy knees out over the years.
    Baby that wrist… I did that with my shoulder and it healed. Walk instead of working out, you won’t hurt yourself and it’s SAFE, LOL.
    And keep walking away from the toast… your beautiful self will thank you! xx

    • Yes Sandi, I love my essential oils…drops of grapefruit and lemon in water, rub ’em all over:) Topricin has a host of homeopathic goodness, including arnica…which I was also taking sub-lingually. Not taking it now though.

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