Posted by: oceannah | February 29, 2012

Weighing in with a Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

Good Morning!  Even if it is a morning that starts with another +day.  Up .4# today and .6 yesterday.  Not crazy about that trend.  Overall still down a total of 3.6#.  Since it’s only the beginning of week 2, that is fine by me.  The good news is even with the bump up in scale world, I feel really great….less bloated/puffy.  I am a classic apple shaped gal.  A roly-poly belly thing going on.  I believe my body is responding  favorably to the absence of carbs, particularly wheat.  This is a bit of a sorrow but I can no longer deny the truth and still call myself awake.

I like the fact that on Dukan I don’t have any bready/starchy carb cravings…although I seriously crave VEGGIES on PP days.  Today is a PV day 🙂  I have some cauliflower that I will roast in the oven today and there are still some butternut squashes in what has affectionately become the “squash closet.”  Squashes like to be stored a bit warmer/drier than many other storage veggies.  It’s a beautiful thing to have a squash closet filled with garlic and onions and of course squashes….I should say winter squashes.  Butternut, Sweet Mama’s, Red Kuri…YUM.

Here is a very simple recipe for an amazing squash soup:

1 medium onion diced,

1 nice sized squash cubed–about 3 cups +/-,

good vegetable stock or water.  Really…that’s the ingredient list.

Cook the onion in a small amount of butter or olive oil…I’ve done this soup without the oil and just used a small amount of water to cook the onions, just keep an eye on them.  Use a large pot, not a saute pan, the whole soup will proceed in this pot.  When the onions are soft add the squash and just cover with stock or water.  Cook on high for 20 minutes or so until the squash is tender and can be pierced with a fork easily.

Take the pot off the heat and using an immersion/stick blender or traditional blender puree the soup.  Adjust seasonings to taste.  Most folks like a bit of salt added.  I’ve garnished with toasted coconut and sesame seeds, and for a nice sweet/tart combo I’ve added a dollop of Greek yogurt and a squeeze of fresh lemon.  Too good!

This soup is creamy and delish!  It’s loaded with beta carotene and for a soup it is an amazingly simple, fast recipe.  Enjoy.

What’s a favorite squash recipe you like?  Feel free to share here.



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