Posted by: oceannah | February 29, 2012

The Seed Order Arrived Yesterday!

This photograph is from Mother Earth News and you can view the article here:   I will be growing this beautiful corn this year.

HURRAY HURRAY!!!  The seed order is even better than Christmas for me.  The life giving potential inside each tiny perfect seed is astounding to me.  I was not sure I would get my Red Floriani Flint Corn seed since the supply is limited and I ended up putting my order in a bit later than usual, but I have it 🙂

Why do I want to grow this corn you may ask, well, several reasons.  We grow a single corn crop each year.  Our homestead acreage does not have ample space for multiple corn crops….corn takes A LOT of space.  Also, we grow heirloom varieties which means the crop is NOT a hybrid.  This aspect, for the homesteader is important, (especially in these Monsanto crazed ‘seed as intellectual property’ madness times, but I’ll not digress) non-hybrid seed allows us to save our own seeds from year to year.  When a seed is hybridized, the offspring does not yield “true seed” meaning the seeds from a hybrid plant will not produce the same plant as what the parent plant was.  Heirloom seed gives true seeds.  Last year we grew Amish Popcorn that was doing well, until Hurricane Irene laid the stalks down flat.  We had some popcorn but not the harvest we anticipated.  This year will be another in a series of interesting gambles with mother nature.

I see the snow is starting to fall, and that means I have a bit of time to head to the library and collect my stash of books for reading during the snow storm that’s on the way.

More on the seeds later…..  *anna


  1. You’re doing an awesome job blogging 🙂

    • TY Sandi…I’m a little slow 2day b/c of my wrist *anna

      • I hope you’re better soon! xo

      • me 2, thanks

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