Posted by: oceannah | February 29, 2012

SnugglySnow Day…after workout


It is snowing like mad out there!  We had snow a few days ago and while we were preparing to head out to the mountain to ski, it began to rain 😦  Hope this storm is different.

It’s nice to have a snow day.  I went to the library earlier and got some reading material and will have a snuggly day reading and drinking tea AFTER I finish my workout.


M-W-F:   HIIT/Sprint 8 followed by a total body weight lifting routine that I’ve been doing for a long while.  I use 10# dumbells and cover all major muscle groups in 12/set 3 sets/day.

T-TH:  I do longer cardio sessions either on bike, treadmill or outdoors when the weather permits.

I usually take off from “organized” exercise on the weekends but we usually do something together walks, hikes, sports…

For those who don’t know what HIIT/Sprint 8 is here’s the scoop… A workout that takes about 20-25 minutes or so, and has short bursts of sprinting for 8 repetitions/30 seconds per sprint followed by a recovery period of anywhere from 60 to 90 seconds.  This workout burns fat more that traditional ‘steady state’ cardio and has the added bonus of after burn, or the net result being a higher resting metabolic rate for approximately 24 hours following a workout-which means burning more calories:)

I love the way my body feels when I am fit and firm….even though I have some flab in the midsection, in general, I’m pretty strong. Love that.

Here’s a link that describes Sprint 8

Like so many women, finding time to exercise is not always easy, but my experience has shown that making it a routine and priority ensures that it actually happens.

Happy Workout   *anna

PS…I forgot to mention the little guy that takes me walking everyday…

my walking partner


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