Posted by: oceannah | February 28, 2012

Dreaming in Green


Looking forward to the color green.  This rambunctious marigold is overpowering the Jersey Wakefield cabbages on either side and thinking about sprawling into the (very green) Brandywine tomatoes in the back….the sweet little sorrel and lambs quarters found their way into a salad…productive weeds:)  Photo from 2011 garden, a very wet rainy season.

Do you like the smell of marigolds?  I love growing heirloom tomatoes, what do you like to grow?



  1. I dont have a very big garden, mostly lawned. I did grow alot of flowers last year in pots – petunias, cornflours, poppies, candytuft, also grew some thyme, rosemary and basil. Cant wait to do it again this year, hopefully my daughter will be able to help this year! (she’s nearly 2) rather than just pick all the heads from the flowers! LOL. It was fantastic to see all the bees and butterflies visiting each day, sadly I think they are running out of natural habitat in the UK.

    • Hi Sonia, My daughter is 12.5 years old now and spent countless hours in the garden as a wee one. Your daughter is fortunate to have you gardening….I believe children that connect with the earth tend to be stable/grounded.
      What a great assortment of flowers and herbs you had! I’m just getting ready to post about my seed order arriving….hurray. Don’t you just LOVE the smell of fresh herbs? Aromatherapy to the max.
      I hear you about the bees. We have/had hives here, alas Colony Collapse Disorder killed our remaining hive last year. I do see sisters working the trees and plants here so there must be a wild hive nearby thankfully.
      Good to hear from you Sonia have a great day.

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